Why can’t I open an account and pay on the 20th of the following month?

Because then we’d have to increase our prices for the good folks who pay immediately. The good news is…you can have extra days to pay! Just put it on your credit card and use the banks’ money.

How long will it take to process my order?

Provided that your order is in stock and received before 4.30pm Mon-Thurs, the goods will be dispatched the following day. Goods ordered on Friday are delivered on the next business day (Monday).

What happens if my items are on back order?

If for any reason, some or all of the items you ordered are out of stock, each item will be dispatched to you as soon as it is available. This means that your order will not be held up for the sake of one item.

Why do you have a ‘no returns’ policy?

Receiving goods back in takes time and costs money which means we would have to pass those costs back to you. So “no returns” means cheaper prices.

What happens if the goods I receive are faulty?

Please return the goods to us and we will ensure that they are either replaced or refunded. You must notify us within 24 hours of receipt and item(s) must be returned within 14 days of purchase. Please refer to our terms and conditions for further details.

How do I know my credit card transaction will be secure?

Credit card transactions are protected by secure 128 bit SSL technology encryption and we use Direct Payment Solutions http://www.dps.co.nz/

How trustworthy is the direct debit system?

You can be assured that only the amount spent on your order will be debited from your account. And besides, LookAt is one of the few companies that the banks trust to be a Direct Debit Initiator. Let’s face it, if they trust us why wouldn’t you?

Who can I call to discuss my order?

No one. LookAt operates with a small team to keep your prices down, so we are unable to take calls. You can email us but quite frankly, if you need your hand held to order office supplies then we are not the company for you. If you want to check details about a product or something you can’t find then either go to the Contact Us page or email weborders@LookAt.co.nz.

Do you charge for delivery?

NO, if your order is over $100 ex-GST for office supplies, and YES if it’s under, but then for only $9.90, otherwise someone will order a pencil and wants free delivery. A4 copy paper is not included in the $100 calculation or large freight items like furniture.

Will a catalogue be available?

No. This is an online business and we like the idea of saving trees.

How will I find out about special offers?

We don’t have special offers. All our prices are special. Although we will email you every now and then to update you on any special news.

So why are you doing this?

Because we got fed up with big American and other companies charging too much, and we talked to people like you and did something strange… we asked what you wanted… and LookAt was born.

Now stop reading and order what you need. Oh, we also love feedback where we got it right or where we really stuffed up. We assure you that if we stuffed up, we will learn from it. Now go back to what you do best because we want to be great at giving you the best bang for buck office supplies & stuff we can.


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LookAt / Mobil Fuel Card FAQ’s

What do I need to do to get the discount?

Be a GST registered company, complete and send back the application form found here.

What if I already have a Mobilcard but want the LookAt discount?

Complete the application form but make sure you include your existing Mobilcard account number.

Where do I get the discount?

At any Mobil branded site. No discount is available at convenience merchants, these are sites that accept Mobilcard but don’t provide a discount. For a list of sites go to http://nzmobilcard.mobilstations.com/en-nz/locator.php

Are there any fees or costs?

There are NO card or transaction fees because Gladys negotiated an amazing deal.

Do I need to agree to the personal guarantee on the form?

As always that’s up to you, but if you don’t you ‘may’ not be approved especially if your business has been trading for less than a year

Can I fill out one application form to request several cards for my staff or do they need to all fill out an application form individually?

That is totally up to you. At the bottom of the application form, there is a page asking how many cards you want.  You can fill out one application and have multiple cards or fill out multiple applications.  The choice is up to you.

How does the $0.11/ltr discount work?

Simple. You pay with your LookAt Mobilcard and up to 40 days later your nominated bank account will be debited. The $0.11 discount is off the price on the pump for both Petrol and Diesel. Normally if another fuel company lowers their price the local Mobil site will match or beat it, and you save $0.11/ltr off the lowered price…WOW!

Why do we have to provide our bank account number? Is there a charge for this?

You pay for the fuel monthly and Mobil takes this as a direct debit from your bank account.  There are no charges for the cards, no minimum spend or transaction fees what so ever!!!

How do I pay my  Mobilcard account?

By direct debit from your nominated bank account.

How many LookAt Mobilcard’s can I have?

As many as you can use!

Can I restrict the card to only purchase fuel?

Absolutely and you can manage it all online.

Why did you select Mobil?

Because they have one of the most extensive geographic coverage areas and we have customers across NZ and we wanted a card that could be used in as many places as possible…and they gave us a great deal for you, our customers.

What do I do if I lose my card?

Call 0800 732 277. ASAP!

See https://mobilcard.co.nz/Site/Benefits for more specific information.