About Us

LookAt started after our founding member, Michael tried to negotiate some good stationery prices with a major American company (“OM” for short ) for a lot of his clients (his day job is cutting costs for companies). After being treated like a small town hick boy in a meeting, he called a good mate of his and also another founding member, Damien. And after lots of “F#$%s”, “S^&*s” and “A@#^&*%s”, LookAt was formed.

LookAt started 4 years ago as the “David amongst the Goliath” in the office supplies and stationery business. LookAt is 100% New Zealand owned and operated and we thought it was about time Kiwis got what they deserved – good honest prices.

We are unashamedly cheap.

We have over stepped the line with our marketing at times (Whale blubber cleaner any one). However, we like to have a laugh, and usually so do our customers.

We operate on a “no frills” basis so we have no salespeople visiting and taking up valuable time. We also don’t have a call centre phoning you every week to ask if you would like to order more “stuff”.

As we have over 18,000 products, we are still in the process of getting photos for each of them. Our product team are taking photos as fast as they could with a Polaroid Camera. That film is expensive that when we ran out of funds, they have to stop. Between that and the unreliable carrier pidgeon service they use to upload on the website, it is a dam nightmare! So for now, the product description overrides the picture. For example, if the picture shows four highlighters, but the description is for one, then it is for one.

We do not operate accounts. Our business is on a ‘pay-as-you-go’ basis that allows us to negotiate great deals and that’s how we can pass on superb savings to you.

We are a small team determined to make a difference in the New Zealand office supplies marketplace!

Convinced? Then browse our products. (Oh and tell your friends)

Company Name: LookAt Limited
Company # 2439284
GST Registration # 104-360-815